Book a party with Arrow Tarot

Do you want to treat your friends, family, or coworkers to a soulful experience? Host a party that they will talk about for years to come! There are so many ways to plan a special occasion with Arrow Tarot! The best thing to do is call or email me directly, to talk about what you have in mind, and brainstorm ideas together.

  • Birthdays
  • Bridal showers
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Baby showers
  • Weddings
  • Vow renewals
  • Graduation parties
  • Holidays

Arrow Tarot studio is available for small gatherings in Richmond, RI. Bring your own food, drinks, and treats. We will provide the space and the activities! Or invite us to your home or venue, we would be happy to visit your event!

Pricing and Availability

Prices will vary; it depends on how many people are coming, how long the event will last, the location, if we need supplies for spells, etc. Reach out to me directly to talk about your vision!

Parties are $125 for the first hour and $100 per hour after. How many hours required will depend on the number of guests. For example, three guests booking a party for one hour would give each guest a 20 minute reading. There is a $50 travel reimbursement for locations outside of the RI area, or over a one hour drive from the studio.

The earlier you contact me to plan ahead, the better my availability will be! I do not post a calendar of availability for events, simply because I’m willing to be more flexible for such special occasions. Contact me and we can find the right fit.

I have over 12 years of hospitality experience, from bartending and waitressing, to planning all sorts of events and campaigns. I take great care in crafting an experience that is fun and meaningful for everyone involved.


3 Ideas for your event:

1. A good old fashioned Tarot Party

Get a group of friends together, and listen to each other’s readings! The tarot cards have a way of describing personalities so accurately, it can be quite hysterical. We will choose tarot spreads to spark some good laughs, encourage team building, break the ice, or stir the pot – whatever you desire!

If you host a tarot party at your home, you can have all of your guests together at one table, and I will give readings “round-robin” style. Or, you can designate a separate area for readings so each guest has a private conversation. It just depends on the type of group you are hosting, how well you know each other, etc.

2. Meditation and Reiki Workshop

Treat your group to a session of guided meditation, reflection, and reiki. This is great way to reward your employees, treat your friends, or soothe a stressed-out family.

Weave together seasonal themes and astrology, starting with a talk about the heavenly energies at play. Choose journaling prompts that are appropriate for your group, and lead a meaningful discussion. Listen to an original guided meditation. Relax and receive reiki healing energy together. After the session, we ground our energy and talk about the experience.

3. A Ritual Magic Night

A ritual is simply a formal act that is followed consistently. I am experienced in a number of different rituals, some modern and some ancient.

  • Celebrate and give gratitude to the full moon
  • Set intentions on the new moon
  • Tie your ritual to a holiday, and learn about seasonal magic
  • Give birthday blessings and manifest great things to come

You can create your own ritual, for achieving a goal, for celebrating a special occasion, or for cutting a chord. This is perfect for your friends that are into “witchy stuff.” You will be part of the creative process behind the event, and I will ensure that the ceremony fits the tone, and the feeling, that you want to portray for your gathering.