Tarot Readings

Lay your cards out on the table

Take a look at your life from a fresh perspective with a tarot reading.

Helping you find direction

Tarot Readings by Jamie

Tarot is less about predicting the unknown, and more about taking control of your reality in the present to positively impact your future.

Tarot is visual, insightful, strategic, and surprisingly accurate! When I use my deck to get a sense of the energies at play, and lessons to learn in my life, it gives me a new sense of confidence and generates new ideas.

Check in with your higher self

Tarot helps you step back and consider the bigger picture. This is just a snapshot in time. All things shall pass! Let’s take a look at past, present, and future themes in your life and consider a new direction.

Tarot Services

30 Minute Reading

Virtual only
A half-hour meeting is enough time for one main spread, with some follow up questions. Use the form below to book an appointment! Then you will receive a link for your reading. $50.00

60 Minute Reading

Virtual or in-person
A deeper, more thorough reading with energy work and multiple spreads. Use the form to request a reading. Location will be determined. Venues available in Lincoln, North Providence, and Cranston, RI. $100

Tarot Parties

Virtual or in-person
Host a special night of tarot for your friends or family. Customize your tarot spreads and themes for any occasion. Price varies. Learn more about parties.