September 20 – 26, 2018: Five of Wands

A team is struggling against one another. With a closer look, they aren’t fighting very aggressively. They are enjoying a friendly competition. This card represents a situation where everyone is speaking their opinion, but they are not listening to each other. Nothing is getting accomplished. We recognize that there is a line between healthy competition and combat.

This weekend will be quite different from the dissident energy in the Five of Wands. On the 21st, the Sun is conjunct Mercury in Virgo which will boost your mental energy. On the 22nd, Mercury enters Libra. You will be diplomatic in interactions by listening to others. Tap into this energy to make sure that both sides of the argument are heard.

On Tuesday, we have a full moon in Aries. You’ll have a strong urge to move forward and never look back. Here is where the Five of Wands will come into play. Force yourself to stop and reflect on decisions. Keep your mind open. There is a line between creative spontaneity and restless impulsivity.

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