Astrology and Tarot

November 22-28, 2018: Five of Swords

When this card appears in a reading, you are usually one of two characters in a situation or relationship. You’re either the winner holding all of the swords, of you’re the loser defeated in the corner. Either way, it’s a lose-lose situation. If you win, but you ruffle feathers or harm another person then the novelty can wear off really quickly. This is showing the negative side of ambition and achievements. 

This week, the Sun enters positive Sagittarius. Life will feel like an adventure. You might be feeling a little more up for some competition, to change things up a bit. But on the 23rd, the full moon rises in polar Gemini. You’ll change your mind about something. You’ll feel easily distracted, scatterbrained. Maybe you’ll experience a situation like the Five of Swords that helps you see a different side of an issue. 

On the 24th, Neptune returns to direct motion. Neptune has the power to protect us from reality when it becomes overbearing. If you’re the betrayed character in the Five of Swords, it’s time to accept defeat and be more careful about who you trust. Move on and choose your battles wisely in the future. If you are the dishonest victor in the Five of Swords, then check yourself. Is the point you are trying to make, the battle you are trying to win, worth compromising this relationship? Proceed accordingly.

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